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About Us

     Centuries-old Craftsmanship and Artisan Brewing - World Hakka Capital, Longevity Meizhou's Time-honored Chinese Brand. Pearl Red originated in Hakka Meizhou.

     As time goes by, Pearl Red has never stopped developing. Today, Pearl Red has become an integrated liquor company that produces Baijiu, Huangjiu, Chinese Gin, and other types of wine, with generations of Pearl Red people's efforts, achieving a century-old heritage.

    Pearl Red doesn't pursue industrial-scale production but focuses on crafting high-quality liquor. Each of our products is made from carefully selected rice, water, and fermenting agents, using traditional brewing tools and techniques that rely on the temperature of the hands. Steamed rice is cooked in cedar rice steamers, cooled, mixed with koji, and fermented in clay vessels. Bamboo baskets are used to separate the clear liquid, which is then stored in small jars, dark-fired with rice straw and hulls, and aged for many years to reach our defined quality standards. The resulting liquor is fresh, sweet, and mellow, with a color like pearl agate, becoming a popular beverage among the public.

     Since 2003, Pearl Red has stored more than 14,000 tons of original Baijiu, with the longest storage time up to 19 years (as of 2022). Each storage clay vessel  has a unique identity tag, including the number, raw materials, process characteristics, alcohol content, vat entry date, total acid, total ester, etc. It wasn't until 2016 that Pearl Red began officially selling these sealed original Baijiu, with the marked entry date never lower than the actual entry date. Thus, every bottle of Pearl Red original Baijiu has gone through time and quality testing before being packaged and marketed for your appreciation.

     Pearl Red brews every artisanal work with time and sincerity. Adhering to authenticity, purity, and originality, we produce high-quality liquor with its original color and flavor. We exchange a sincere heart for a genuine glass of liquor.

    Pearl Red is such a brewer who sticks to the original intention and quality.