• Q: What rice aroma baijiu taste ?

    Pearl Red rice-aroma baijiu (spirits)made of pure rice entrance is smooth, light rice flavor and fragrance combination, pearl red wine only takes the middle of the purest part of the liquor, remove the impurities of the liquor head and tail, drink will not go to the head, very welcome by international customers

  • Q: Why named Grand Talon

    Grand Talon is an international whisky brand. From the brand naming, packaging design all include Chinese elements. "Dragon" is one of the typical representatives of Chinese culture, and the Hakka people have customs  dancing dragon lanterns, Talon similar pronounce with Chinese dragon Long, so name Grand Talon

  • Q: Do you only make rice wine?

    We not only make rice wine ,but also make rice aroma baijiu ,rice whisky , rice herbal ( Chinese Gin ) ,and we have sincerity seal altar wine . We also sale bulk base wine , customized wine ! 

  • Q: How to verify your baijiu age is real

    Pearl Red  since 2003, use to clay vessels storage raw liquor, has stored more than 14,000 tons, the longest storage time is 19 years (till to 2022 year) , Each clay vessels makr the  : number, raw materials, process characteristics, alcohol, date into the clay vessels, total acid, total ester, etc. Until 2016 that Pearl Red officially began to sell the original liquor, and the marked in-clay vessels time was no less than the actual time, so that consumers could taste the original liquor stored in real years.

  • Q: How is your whisky fermented

    Grand Talon whisky ferment with self-cultivated rice yeast

  • Q: How to shipment ?

    For the sample ,normally we choose by Express: DHL,FEDEX,TNT,Professional air line or professional sea line. 

    For bulk order , normally will by sea .