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Big Discovery in Ancient Texts!!

Published:  20th March. 2024

Big Discovery in Ancient Texts!!

Big Discovery in Ancient Texts!!Big Discovery in Ancient Texts!!

Image displays: Scanned version of the 49th volume of "Shih-Hua Tzǔ Kuei" (Poetry Talks General Turtle), housed in Harvard University's collection.

Recorded in the 49th volume of the later section of "Shih-Hua Tzǔ Kuei," compiled by the Song Dynasty poet Ruan Yue, the content relates to food and drink categories: there are many varieties of wine, some prized for their green color, some for their yellow color, some for their white color, some for their greenish-blue color, and some for their red color. The "pearl-red" wine mentioned by the Tang Dynasty poet Li He refers to the red wine produced today in the regions of Southern Fujian and Guangdong. This indicates that the "pearl-red" wine mentioned by the Tang Dynasty poet Li He was already widely spread in Guangdong and Fujian during the Song Dynasty. This type of wine, with its droplets resembling pearls and a faint reddish glow, became a precious commodity among red wines of that time and was even designated as a royal tribute wine during the Ming Dynasty.